magnetic levitating moon lamp

It is easy to use and control, a simple touch will switch the lamp on and off while changing colors. The Mamre night light comes with an option to dim at will and also sensitive to touch. They will remember it and you will be on top of their mind each and every time they see or use your gift. It has soft light for children to use. The LED light adjusts from soft white to yellow, creating the perfect ambiance for a relaxing night or a romantic date. Some people use it to read a book at night in bed without disturbing their partner. If your dad works a 9-5 job the best gift for father day will be a gift he can use in his corporate office like a simple stationery item or if he has a personal cubicle or office – a plant to liven up space. A board charges your lamp during the day for use in the evening in the dark; the effect is striking. We have these and so many more gifts for creative people stocked away in our inventory for you, so you never run out of ideas for gifts for boss day.

We have Chilling Cubes and Whiskey Stones for the boss who loves to chill with a glass of brandy in the evening. In this review, the 10 best lamp moons in the market have been discussed. We have personally used lots of Moon Lamps before choosing the 10 best moon lamps in the market. These are the best moonlight lamp reviews you will get in the whole market. Your kids will love it in their room at night as it makes them have sound sleep. Ans. If you want to change your order after confirmation you will have to email our customer support system. Our customer care has won hearts as well as accolades from our customers and our fan-following. It doesn’t have to be pricey or luxurious, even a simple, humble nail polish holder for an employee conscious of her dressing sense and looks matters more than an expensive gold watch which she wouldn’t care to wear at all. Show him that you care for his health by presenting him a Pill Organiser Bottle or Fruit Infuser Bottle.

To show how much you care, personalised packaging is a big deal for us. 2. What is a good gift to show appreciation to employees? Are you looking for ways to thank your employees with Diwali Corporate gift items this year? A significant lot are succeeding and going on to become big businesses raking in revenues worth crores each year. By flying at a constant angle to the moon-say with the moon always on their left-they keep going in the same direction. So you can adjust the lighting power, the moon lamp is dimmable. It can be switched on with a simple tap. With a simple touch, you can seamlessly adjust the intensity of the up to 3 levels based on your need and mood. One can switch between the colors based on mood. Ans. Yes, hanging moon lamps can be used for studying by increasing the brightness level and hanging them at the top of your desk or workplace. How about Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamps for the desk?

How about a Lion Gear Table Clock for the manager’s desk? We have also drawn up a comparison table for you to view these products at a glance before delving into the review proper. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, CHAT WITH US ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF YOUR SCREEN. It promotes bonhomie and the right kind of diwali gift for employees or even customized corporate diwali gifts. If you are searching for company gifts, or gifts for colleagues online, you’ve come to the right place. Surprise your employees. Colleagues with gifts for office staff. Strengthen your bonds with your colleagues with our special range of products. People with a lot of experience being a part of firms know that gifting goes a long way when it comes to strengthening bonds within as well as outside the company. It comes with remote control. Search no further as this is virtually the best moon lamp for control of brightness. Made using real NASA data, this gadget represents the moon in its actual shape and dimensions. However, One theory is that many night-flying moths find their way by using the moon as a guide.